‘I meet many people from different parts of the world.’

Juwariya, Document Controller at the Amcor project, East Java

What attracted you to work for BAM international?

It was in 1995 that I heard from Mr Karmaji (now the project manager on this project) that a new project would start in Surabaya, the construction of the Marriot Hotel. I was inspired by the different people I could meet in this project and to share the knowledge with them. Later I also felt that the teamwork aspect became very important to me.

What was your last assignment?

Before this project I worked in Tuban on the Holcim cement factory project for three years. There I also was the document controller and I assisted with ticketing, travel arrangements and local ceremonies for CSR for example.

What is your current responsibility?

I’m the document controller, but as this is a small project I am also responsible for all travel arrangements, local activities like CSR, and correspondence with the client for the project manager, Mr Karmaji. I’m part of the Engineering Department, which means I’m involved in checking the method statements as well.

What can you tell us about the Amcor team?

I think teamwork here is very important. We are a small team in which each of us has several tasks. We share knowledge amongst the team all the time.

Can you tell us something about this project?

This project will finish on time! We are right at the end of the project, so this is a special thing to say, because normally people are over-busy right now. Here we are busy but not stressed, which is different than other projects. The project scope was not too big, and everything went quite smoothly. We have a good relationship with the consultant on site and there are hardly any complaints from the client. That helps!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I start at 7.30am, and every day begins with processing drawings. The drawings need to be attached to the BAM project document management system (PDMS), then filed and approved by the client upon which I stamp them and send them to the construction manager.  The PDMS system makes it much easier for the document controller. Before I had to create everything in Excel from scratch, which was very time-consuming.

How did your career develop?

I started as a secretary in MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing). Then I became a document controller. Depending on the size of the project my function is combined with the role of project secretary, as it is here.

What is your ambition within BAM?

My ambition is to keep on working with BAM. I’m happy in my current job and I’ll work as long as my services are needed.

How do you experience working for an international company with expats?

It’s nice because I meet many people from different parts of the world. Sometimes the language is challenging, because the English is sometimes hard to follow. But now we have a good system of document control and communication.

How do you keep in contact with your family?

My son of 8 lives with my parents in Kediri, East Java. It’s not always easy, because we miss each other. I have to work to pay his school fees but he doesn’t understand that yet. We talk almost every day, so I can monitor his life a bit. I also talk to my mum but she is getting old and she is not good on the phone. Fortunately I can travel home every Saturday after lunch. I spend the weekend at home and leave for work again on Monday morning.

Did you ever receive training from BAM?

Yes, I had ISO administrative training in 2013. I still benefit from that. BAM provides training quite regularly. Last month, for example, we all received first aid training.

Do you have a future wish?

When I worked in Tuban I took my son with me, so I could see him every evening. My wish is that after this project I can be on another BAM project, but one where we can be more together than we are now.