BAM cares about the health of its employees. That’s why in May 2018, a team of medical specialists from Muhimbili hospital came to the Julius Nyerere Airport terminal 3 project site in Tanzania to organise a presentation on cervical and breast cancer for 40 BAM ladies.

Subject matters were amongst others: what is cervical and breast cancer, what are the causes, signs and symptoms, risk factors and the prevention of cervical and breast cancer. After the presentation, all women could actually test themselves on cervical and breast cancer. The doctors explained clearly to them how the screening procedures would be carried out and also what to do and where to go in case someone would got a positive diagnosis for any of the diseases. Treatments for these diseases are free in Tanzania.

Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in Tanzania and kills more women than any other form of the illness. The Government has recently launched several initiatives to curb the number of deaths, like early-stage vaccines.