Safety and the environment are in good hands at the Amarta project in Indonesia. Introducing Isabella Basuki and Theresia Christianti.

Safety Administrator Isabella Basuki joined BAM four years ago after graduating from university with a major in Occupational Safety and Health.
‘My first experience on a construction project was the Holcim cement factory in Tubafa. For 2.5 years I worked together with a great team, they were very supportive. Working with three different departments heads (during Tubafa Phase 1 and 2) was not easy since I had to adapt to three different styles of management, but I also learned a lot from them.’

Isabella’s second project was a very different one: the GTV hotel in Cikarang, where she worked until the final stages of construction. ‘On 29 June 2015, another chapter of my adventure with BAM began at the Amarta project. My main responsibility is to make sure all safety documents are recorded, kept, and updated properly. I also join the safety patrols either with our internal team or with the client. My role and responsibilities are much the same as on the previous projects, but the environment and work place changes from project to project. The atmosphere on the Amarta project is very good. It suits my motto: “Be safe, be happy”. Also, on a project in a downtown area like this, it’s easy to find a gym to do my yoga. This helps me keep a balance between work and life.’

Environmental Advisor Theresia Christianti joined BAM September this year and was directly assigned to the Amarta project.
‘First impression when I arrived: crowded! More than seven hundred people are working on this project at the moment and it will only increase in the near future with more direct contractors on board.’

Amarta, Unilever’s new head office in Indonesia is a green building project. Unilever aims to achieve BCA Green Mark Gold Plus certification, which means among other things that the approach to construction needs to be friendly to the environment.


Theresia: ‘My job here is a challenging one. I have to set up objectives and targets that must be achieved and ensure the implementation of the environmental plan is appropriate. I also set up an energy-saving plan for this project. At the office, the top three in energy consumption are computers, air conditioning and lighting. My proposition to save energy is actually very simple: set up sleep mode on PCs and laptops and turn off lamps and air conditioners when the office is not in use. I appointed some key persons to be in charge and ensure the programme runs well.’
‘Another area that has my attention is waste segregation. I’m helping to make sure we’re separating waste based on its category (plastic, cardboard and sealing, food, metal, timber, debris, and hazardous waste) and that it is transported by the recycling hauler, so we can ensure that the waste is in the right hands and disposed of responsibly.’

‘Before joining BAM I worked for mining and construction companies in remote areas in Indonesia. The contrast couldn’t be greater: my time in BSD City has been the busiest I’ve had so far. But my colleagues are all really kind and supportive. Now all I need to do is find a place where I can swim. I used to be able to just go down to a lake and swim for free!’

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