In addition to Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific/Australia and Middle East/Gulf States, BAM International is currently developing business in other areas of the world; Scandinavia, India, Antarctica and other areas across Europe where BAM has no permanent offices.

BAM International’s traditional business has always been near shore marine construction. Due to the fact that this market has shrunk in the last few years as a result of the downturn in oil and gas investments and container ports, BAM International has decided to look at new opportunities and geographic areas. At the same time the company looks for new areas where BAM International’s niche products could be suitable.

For example, BAM has been chosen to partner with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) to modernise UK Antarctic and other research facilities, enabling British scientists to continue delivering world class research into some of the most important issues facing our planet. BAM has teamed up with major European design consultants Sweco to assist with project delivery. The project will be delivered by BAM’s British operating company, BAM Nuttall and BAM International. For more information about the project click here 

The execution of the operational plans, providing corporate governance and departmental expertise takes place at BAM International’s head office.