BAM International’s head office is located in the Hague, The Netherlands.. Being an operating company of the largest contractor in The Netherlands, Royal BAM Group explains BAM International’s location. The company’s location also enables cooperation and synergy between some of BAM international’s Dutch based sister companies specialised in some niche products (e.g. Marine Design, Stadiums, Hospitals, Road Works, etc.).

BAM international’s Board of Directors are also based in The Hague office and assures the BAM Group’s strategy is being applied and incorporated in BAM International’s Operational Plans. The execution of the operational plan, providing corporate governance and departmental expertise (e.g. Global Business Development and Key Account Management, Tendering and Estimating for global clients, Work Preparation and Engineering, HSE, QA/QC, Plant Department, Supply Chain Department, Personnel and General Affairs, Public Relations, Etc.) takes place at BAM International’s head office.

Our regional offices across the world deploy on  operational level with similar expertise in the countries of work. Area office employees can be continuously supported by employees from the head office in the Netherlands via our cloud-based software. Some of our area offices deploy specialised service departments (e.g. modelling, 3-4D drafting, design and support the head office and regional offices in an efficient way).

Working at BAM International’s head office means being part of a multi-disciplinary and multi-national team of construction professionals, most of them having spent time overseas during their careers. Working for us in The Hague often means regular international traveling in order to support our business worldwide. Last but not least, our head office is located in down-town The Hague, a thriving historic city with many cultural and touristic attractions and excellent road and public transport connections. A significant expat community resides in The Hague, meaning suitable accommodation, schools and institutions are available.

So, what would it mean for you to join BAM International?

  • Work for a company with a long history of international contracting worldwide.
  • Work for a company specialised in marine construction worldwide and several niche products like stadiums, hospitals and tunneling.
  • Being part of a relatively flat and dynamic organisation. We assure employees know each other, creating a true ‘green and orange’ family feeling.
  • Join a company that embraces corporate social responsibility initiatives in order to enhance diversity and inclusion, health, safety and education for our employees and the local population.
  • Working for a company with a very diverse scope of work. With the right mindset and training, our employees can be exposed to many challenging activities and projects.

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