What do you most enjoy about working for BAM?

It’s a great working environment where you have variety of opportunities to learn and share knowledge among very friendly co-workers


Explain your role briefly?

My responsibilities are to develop and manage the cost effective project programmes. This includes ensuring design and procurement activities are sequenced to deliver quality on projects on time in very safe manner from tendering stage through to handover of the project.


What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day of my work during the construction phase includes

  • Attending meetings with the site team ,contractors and other parties involved
  • Develop and or update the live programmes
  • Update the progress status of the project
  • Develop and or update the phasing plans
  • Walk the site and record site conditions
  • Provide the necessary information for managing the project programmes


What makes this job a unique challenge for you?

My work involves managing lot of known / unknown challenges such as

  • Clients requirement changes
  • Design development and changes
  • Contractors labour resource management
  • Manage critical works packages’ programme to suit to the site progress, conditions and changes
  • Weather related elements
  • Health and safety and environmental risks
  • Utilities connections / services

In my opinion, each construction project is unique and what keeps my work life interesting and challenging is how we apply our knowledge and experience to manage the challenge and risks involved in delivering the projects in time.


What do you most enjoy about your role?

Foreseeing a challenge before it occurs and establishing an effective solution is what I enjoy the most. I also enjoy working with a variety of people to carry out my work.


Can you describe BAM is just a few words?

A fantastic company to start your career or plan your retirement with, or both.


Do you think that BAM is in innovative company and why?

Absolutely, BAM always implement the latest available techniques and technologies to give the best back to our clients. For example, in our planning department we use 3d and 4d technology to plan our projects.


Can you tell me about your most challenging project?

The previous school project that I worked on was my most challenging one. It was delayed for a while due to the budgetary issues but then the project was re-instated with a revised design. . We had to split the building in to three zones and adopt the lean principles to fast track the programme, What makes you proud?

When we hand over a building, knowing that I planned the project from tendering stage and helped the team to deliver it on time.


What are your career aspirations?

To be a planning director and to share my knowledge and experience and become a well-known personality in the construction industry


How would you rate the collaboration with your colleagues?

Perfect, because I get a chance to work with some of the construction industry’s best people. BAM encourages happy working culture, and most colleagues are very friendly and great to work with.