What do you most enjoy about working for BAM?

BAM colleagues make every working day an enjoyable and satisfying experience. The culture encourages and motivates people to learn and excel in their own careers, as well as with their team.


Explain your role briefly?

My role is to develop, deliver and support digital construction.  I work alongside a team of highly qualified and experienced construction professionals to find new ways of working and ground breaking solutions.  My current workload involves the deployment of mobile site management systems – using tablet technology on site to support better quality and health and safety inspections and reporting.


What does a typical day look like for you?

My diary is usually split between attending sites and office based work. On a typical site day, I arrive to a warm welcome with a meeting to discuss the team’s progress with mobile site management tools. I spend the day answering questions, training new staff and demonstrating functionality that could help the team increase productivity.

On a typical office day, I spend a large part of the morning catching-up with colleagues and discussing progress. The office is a relaxed environment where everyone feels part of a bigger team, and there are always plenty of biscuits, cakes and healthy snacks to keep us going!

At the end of each day I spend around half-an-hour thinking about what has been achieved, and what more can be done to improve BAM’s performance. I usually jot them down in an email to myself to remind me the next day.


What makes this job a unique challenge for you?

Digital construction, innovation and technology are part of BAM’s strategy for ‘building the present, creating the future’ which sums up perfectly the challenge we face at BAM. I am keen to tackle the challenges at the coal-face – meeting with people face-to-face, to discuss and debate the changes that digitalisation will bring. I make it a point to listen to and take on-board the concerns of our people. My role also requires me to look outside of the construction industry at other industries that have already been disrupted by new and emerging technology.


 What do you most enjoy about your role?

The most enjoyable part is meeting with a variety of people and offering solutions to all the different challenges and problems they face.  It is hugely rewarding when something I have helped to develop makes a big impact to improve the performance of a project.

I enjoy the freedom I am given to explore and research the influence that technological developments in other industries will have on the construction industry.


Would you recommend BAM to a friend/family member?

Yes. BAM are one of a few construction businesses that encourage people from diverse academic backgrounds to join the construction industry. For example, we have a former hospital radiographer working now as a site manager. What matters to BAM is your approach and attitude towards tacking challenges in your daily role.


Can you describe BAM is just a few words?

Inclusive, progressive and, creative


Do you think that BAM is in innovative company and why?

BAM has always encouraged its people to innovate, asking and supporting employees to think about how we work and developing better solutions to tackling old problems. The emergence and access to new technology has amplified BAM’s drive for innovation. Employees are now able to tackle challenges collaboratively and efficiently while also improving their own knowledge and sharing it with the rest of the business.

BAMs group-wide strategy for ‘building the present, creating the future’, places a big emphasis on innovation; it’s only through innovation that BAM will succeed in the future.


Can you tell me about your most challenging project?

The biggest challenge so far has been to ensure that the business is able to achieve the UK Governments requirements for BIM Level 2.

I find the challenge interesting – working with like-minded people to create the processes and procedures that will ensure we succeed.


What makes you proud?

The he great quality of buildings we deliver and seeing the difference that it makes to end-users, makes me feel proud.


What are your career aspirations? 

I am studying for a second degree in Business Management and Economics that will enable me to implement strategies to improve the business’s performance overall.  I want to support the business, ensuring that BAM creates the right environment for its people to thrive, and offers unique products and services to our clients that no other construction business can,


 How would you rate the collaboration with your colleagues?

All BAM employees are encouraged to collaborate from day one – it’s not just a good idea, but actually something we look forward to doing. All employees are given access to the right tools and technology, and, as a result collaborating with colleagues is a great experience!