What do you most enjoy about working for BAM?

The learning and development opportunities as well as the potential to go out on site. I have also found BAM really supportive when I have had some challenging work/ personal difficulties.


Explain your role briefly?

I work as part of a Pre-construction team estimating the costs of a project to clients and working on tenders. Tendering in London against other contractors is highly competitive


What does a typical day look like for you?

When I’m working on a tender I will be working to a list of commercial deliverables prescribed by the client. This could typically include:

  • Gathering quotes from subcontracts for materials, equipment, labour
  • Reviewing company data to benchmark costs
  • Assessing the risk of a project
  • Liaising with planners (programme details), construction managers (construction methods/ techniques), designers and the legal department (contractual information) to provide information to assist with the above


What makes this job a unique challenge for you?

Every project tender is different! Some will allow you to draw on previous knowledge while others may have aspects that you have never come across before.


What do you most enjoy about your role?

Being able to work with other people as part of a team, to draw on the knowledge of different people, while working on individual tasks. As an Estimator I have the responsibility of ensuring this has all been encompassed in the cost. This will eventually form part of the final tender submission.


Can you describe BAM is just a few words?

A supportive company with positive values, committed to collaboration and forward thinking.


Do you think that BAM is in innovative company and why?

BAM is promoting digital construction, especially by ensuring that all employees use BIM and take advantage of it.


Can you tell me about your most challenging project ?

The Southbank Centre on the Embankment in London. It was in a very constricted area. We had to plan for it to remain operational during various phases of construction to facilitate exhibitions. This meant we have to allow for the movement of large (and very expensive!!!) pieces of art. There were 31 different levels in the building.


What makes you proud?

  • Winning tenders and hearing about completed projects that my colleagues have enjoyed building.
  • Being able to point out to friends and family projects BAM have built


What are your career aspirations?

Confidently take on larger projects, gain professional Chartered status and be in a position where I manage others effectively.


How would you rate the collaboration with your colleagues?

8/10 It’s enjoyable and I feel I learn a lot from them. The only reason I have not said 10/10 is that some of my colleagues do not make a good cup of tea (but at least they offer)!

You knowledge share a lot on tenders because everyone has individual expertise and we come together over meetings to discuss how we will demonstrate this in our tender submission.