What do you most enjoy about working for BAM?

I enjoy the variety of my role and the projects that I am involved with.


Explain your role briefly?

I am a Senior Site Manager. This role predominantly requires me to liaise with our sub-contractors and consultants on site to ensure we are building the project safely, to the client’s requirements and to our budgets.


What does a typical day look like for you?

I start the day with a co-ordination meeting with the sub-contractors to ensure they are working to the programme. If they are not, we use this time to identify why and what can be done to put things right. I usually spend about a third of the day on site checking individual activities to ensure we are working as safely as possible. I also spend time monitoring and planning upcoming activities.


What makes this job a unique challenge for you?

The job that I do requires a lot of communication with different parties, from the sub-contractors on site, to our neighbours and also our clients. It’s important to balance all these relationships for the overall success of the project.


What do you most enjoy about your role?

I enjoy seeing the results of our work. On shorter projects this is the handover stage, on larger projects this is linked to milestones such as completing key areas of work. It’s good to be able to go on site and see something being completed that you have had an involvement with.


Would you recommend BAM to a friend/family member?

Yes –BAM is a very inclusive company and encourages employees to be the best they can be.


Can you describe BAM is just a few words?

An innovative, sustainable and forward thinking company.


Do you think that BAM is in innovative company and why?

BAM encourages innovation for example through working groups that create the right atmosphere to allow innovation to happen. I have recently attended a digital construction day with BAM and Leica to explore the latest technical innovations.


Can you tell me about your most challenging project?

I think my current project, set in Birmingham city centre, is the most challenging so far. We have reconfigured the previous basement from a hotel layout to an office layout and are now starting to construct a 19 storey office block next to busy transport routes. The technical aspects in the basement required daily co-ordination with the structural engineers, demolition contractors and concrete contractors. It was very challenging and the challenges continue as we deliver a very high specification building.


What makes you proud?

I feel proud when I see what we can achieve as a team which includes our supply chain. Being able to create buildings for people to use is a privilege.


What are your career aspirations?

Previously by career aspirations have been linked to job roles and positions but, as I have spent more time in the industry, I have realised that the most satisfaction is achieved through completing projects successfully. So my career aspiration is to deliver every project I work on to the best of my ability, whether that is from a supporting role or a leadership role.


How would you rate the collaboration with your colleagues?

Our collaboration is through the simplest form: talking. We discuss what’s happening on site that day, the best way to complete activities, technical details and we work as a team so no-one has to make decisions alone.