At BAM we care about our environment and the communities where we operate. Operating responsibly and sustainably are core components of the way we work.

Our long-term sustainability ambition is to be a business that has an overall positive impact on society by 2050. For BAM, our Net positive approach will be achieved through balancing different areas of impact across three key themes:



Climate positive

By 2050 we want to have a Net positive impact on the climate. We will work towards this goal by reducing our own carbon emissions and helping others to reduce theirs.

Resource positive

We are always looking for ways to reduce waste – eliminating waste over the life cycle of developments by the way we design, build and operate buildings. We will focus on preserving raw materials and resources over the life cycle of buildings and deliver projects using safe, healthy and natural materials.

People positive

We want to create lasting legacies and demonstrate the positive economic and social impact that’s possible through our projects. This means making a difference to the lives of people we come into contact with above and beyond business as usual. To start, we want to enhance the lives of one million people by 2020, through providing opportunities for education and employment and through engaging with community groups and charities. Longer term, we will focus on generating positive social and economic value.

You can visit our sustainability microsite to find out more about our Net positive approach, and see how we’re performing.