Services engineering

The challenge is to create the ideal environment for everyone who will use your building.

That depends on the ‘living’ systems within the building, just as much as it does on the static structure.

That’s especially true on projects that involve providing highly technical services in very sensitive environments like healthcare settings or advanced manufacturing facilities.

So services engineering must be integral to the construction process: from air conditioning, heating and ventilation, to electrical installation, medical gases, building controls, sprinklers and fire safety systems.

What makes for a successful services engineering?

In our experience, traditional procurement routes for mechanical and electrical (M&E) services have some inherent, fundamental challenges.

What’s needed is a new approach, that takes on board the risks and responsibilities for installing services, to guarantee you cost efficiencies, quality and timely delivery.

Instead of a single, monolithic M&E contractor, using smaller highly specialised suppliers allows you to get precisely what you want, from the experts in each field.

The key is to manage the entire process – from the procurement of the services and equipment right through to installation and commissioning – so it’s integral to construction, never just an add-on.

What makes the real difference?

  • Specialists who understand the whole construction process and how best to integrate M&E within it
  • Designing in M&E from the very start: to pre-empt avoidable problems
  • Access to the right resources… the ultimate experts in each specialist field
  • A rigorous approach to project and supplier management

What can we offer?

Working on any type of building, our in-house services teams take on all the necessary engineering and CAD drawing works for your project.

They work closely alongside our site-based building services managers, focused on delivering every project on time and on budget.

Our experience covers the widest range of general and specialist services including:

  • Electrical installation
  • Air-conditioning, heating and ventilation
  • Fire safety, alarm and sprinkler systems
  • Building management systems
  • Specialist services such as medical gases